The Hinnom are a loose nucleus of musicians from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, led by musician Chris Rovers (aka. Ghost) and singer / artist Anouk Bax.

Their music is based on the early Post Punk / New Wave sound, mixed with anything from Jazz to World Music to Rock ‘n’ Roll. The goal is to offer the listener something more challenging than the clichés of popular western music, while maintaining the idea of the song and avoiding musical snobbery.

Anouk and Ghost had been working in a home-studio setting for quite some years. The result was a huge bulk of material, but the sound quality was never to a standard high enough for actual release. This material will eventually be re-recorded to find it’s way onto upcoming releases.

To get a fresh perspective The Hinnom put a simple “rock band line-up” together, with Sander Rovers on guitars and Mike Rovers on drums. This line-up wrote, rehearsed and demo’d the material for the “Waterfront” sessions, recorded at Rob Bours’ Studio 58. A selection of this material was released as the “Waterfront” album, in the fall of 2015.

Soon after, The Hinnom returned to their core duo of just Anouk and Ghost, and started work on their next project. The “Dog Days” sessions were, again, recorded at Rob Bours’ Studio 58. A selection of songs from these sessions were released as the “Dog Days” mini-album, late 2016.

The Hinnom are currently working on their next full length album “Anti-Body”.